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Wire cable

Retentivity level
Height of the barrier, m

Posst spacing, m
Dynamic deflection, m
Working width, m
Installation approach

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Retentivity levelModel of the barrierHeight of the barrier, mPosst spacing, mDynamic deflection, mWorking width, mInstallation approachWeight of l.m., kg In the order Picture
У3/25023ДО/У3(250)-П-0,9-3,0-1,35(1,45)-ГЗГ0.931.351.45Sleeve in the ground15.74 add 23ДО/У3(250)-П-0,9-3,0-1,35(1,45)-ГЗГ
23ДО/У3(250)-П-0,9-3,0-1,35(1,45)-ГЗ0.931.351.45Pile pavement sleeve11.43 add
23ДО/У3(250)-П-0,9-3,0-1,35(1,45)-ГБ0.931.351.45Bolt sleeve11.43 add
23ДО/У3(250)-П-1,0-3,0-1,41(1,51)-ГЗГ131.411.51Sleeve in the ground16.02 add
23ДО/У3(250)-П-1,0-3,0-1,41(1,51)-ГЗ131.411.51Pile pavement sleeve11.71 add
23ДО/У3(250)-П-1,0-3,0-1,41(1,51)-ГБ131.411.51Bolt sleeve11.71 add
23ДО/У3(250)-П-1,1-3,0-1,3(1,4)-ГЗГ1.131.31.4Sleeve in the ground16.31 add
23ДО/У3(250)-П-1,1-3,0-1,3(1,4)-ГЗ1.131.31.4Pile pavement sleeve11.99 add
23ДО/У3(250)-П-1,1-3,0-1,3(1,4)-ГБ1.131.31.4Bolt sleeve11.99 add
У4/30023ДО/У4(300)-П-1,0-3,0-1,53(1,63)-ГЗ131.531.63Pile pavement sleeve11.71 add
23ДО/У4(300)-П-1,1-3,0-1,5(1,6)-ГЗ1.131.51.6Pile pavement sleeve11.99 add
23ДО/У4(300)-П-1,1-3,0-1,5(1,6)-ГЗГ1.131.51.6Sleeve in the ground16.30 add
23ДО/У4(300)-П-1,0-2,0-1,26(1,36)-ГБ121.261.36Bolt sleeve15.08 add
23ДО/У4(300)-П-1,0-2,0-1,26(1,36)-ГЗ121.261.36Pile pavement sleeve15.08 add
23ДО/У4(300)-П-1,0-2,0-1,26(1,36)-ГЗГ121.261.36Sleeve in the ground21.50 add
23ДО/У4(300)-П-1,0-3,0-1,53(1,63)-ГБ131.531.63Bolt sleeve11.71 add
23ДО/У4(300)-П-0,9-3,0-1,44(1,54)-ГБ0.931.441.54Bolt sleeve11.43 add
23ДО/У4(300)-П-1,0-3,0-1,53(1,63)-ГЗГ131.531.63Sleeve in the ground16.02 add
23ДО/У4(300)-П-0,9-2,0-1,23(1,33)-ГБ0.921.231.33Bolt sleeve14.65 add
23ДО/У4(300)-П-0,9-2,0-1,23(1,33)-ГЗ0.921.231.33Pile pavement sleeve14.65 add
23ДО/У4(300)-П-0,9-2,0-1,23(1,33)-ГЗГ0.921.231.33Sleeve in the ground21.07 add
23ДО/У4(300)-П-1,1-2,0-1,3(1,4)-ГЗГ1.121.31.4Sleeve in the ground21.93 add
23ДО/У4(300)-П-0,9-3,0-1,44(1,54)-ГЗ0.931.441.54Pile pavement sleeve11.43 add
23ДО/У4(300)-П-0,9-3,0-1,44(1,54)-ГЗГ0.931.441.54Sleeve in the ground15.74 add
23ДО/У4(300)-П-1,1-3,0-1,5(1,6)-ГБ1.131.51.6Bolt sleeve11.99 add
23МД/У4(300)-П-1,1-2,0-1,3(1,4) on fixtures12.63 add
23МД/У4(300)-П-1,1-3,0-1,5(1,6) on fixtures10.15 add
23ДД/У4(300)-П-1,0-2,0-1,26(1,36)-ГБ121.261.36Bolt sleeve15.08 add
23МД/У4(300)-П-1,0-2,0-1,26(1,36)121.261.36Installation on fixtures12.38 add
23МД/У4(300)-П-1,0-3,0-1,53(1,63)131.531.63Installation on fixtures9.98 add
23МД/У4(300)-П-0,9-2,0-1,23(1,33)0.921.231.33Installation on fixtures12.22 add
23МД/У4(300)-П-0,9-3,0-1,44(1,54)0.931.441.54Installation on fixtures9.88 add
23ДД/У4(300)-П-1,1-2,0-1,3(1,4)-ГБ1.121.31.4Bolt sleeve15.51 add
23ДД/У4(300)-П-1,1-2,0-1,3(1,4)-ГЗ1.121.31.4Pile pavement sleeve15.51 add
23ДД/У4(300)-П-1,1-2,0-1,3(1,4)-ГЗГ1.121.31.4Sleeve in the ground21.93 add
23ДД/У4(300)-П-1,1-3,0-1,5(1,6)-ГБ1.131.51.6Bolt sleeve11.99 add
23ДД/У4(300)-П-1,1-3,0-1,5(1,6)-ГЗ1.131.51.6Pile pavement sleeve11.99 add
23ДД/У4(300)-П-1,1-3,0-1,5(1,6)-ГЗГ1.131.51.6Sleeve in the ground16.30 add
23ДД/У4(300)-П-1,0-2,0-1,26(1,36)-ГЗ121.261.36Pile pavement sleeve15.08 add
23ДО/У4(300)-П-1,1-2,0-1,3(1,4)-ГБ1.121.31.4Bolt sleeve15.51 add
23ДД/У4(300)-П-1,0-2,0-1,26(1,36)-ГЗГ121.261.36Sleeve in the ground21.50 add
23ДД/У4(300)-П-1,0-3,0-1,53(1,63)-ГБ131.531.63Bolt sleeve11.71 add
23ДД/У4(300)-П-1,0-3,0-1,53(1,63)-ГЗ131.531.63Pile pavement sleeve11.71 add
23ДД/У4(300)-П-1,0-3,0-1,53(1,63)-ГЗГ131.531.63Sleeve in the ground16.02 add
23ДД/У4(300)-П-0,9-2,0-1,23(1,33)-ГБ0.921.231.33Bolt sleeve14.65 add
23ДД/У4(300)-П-0,9-2,0-1,23(1,33)-ГЗ0.921.231.33Pile pavement sleeve14.65 add
23ДД/У4(300)-П-0,9-2,0-1,23(1,33)-ГЗГ0.921.231.33Sleeve in the ground21.07 add
23ДД/У4(300)-П-0,9-3,0-1,44(1,54)-ГБ0.931.441.54Bolt sleeve11.43 add
23ДД/У4(300)-П-0,9-3,0-1,44(1,54)-ГЗ0.931.441.54Pile pavement sleeve11.43 add
23ДД/У4(300)-П-0,9-3,0-1,44(1,54)-ГЗГ0.931.441.54Sleeve in the ground15.74 add
23ДО/У4(300)-П-1,1-2,0-1,3(1,4)-ГЗ1.121.31.4Pile pavement sleeve15.51 add

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Rope fences are the elements of roads that are necessary to ensure safe traffic. These structures are installed along the dividing strip of the carriageway, which prevents the cars from leaving to the oncoming lane. Rope fences are the latest invention, which after careful tests was launched into mass production. The company PIK Enterprise, LLC is engaged in the manufacture of cable elements of highways, produces high-quality and strong fences that meet state standards. Own technical supervision allows us to guarantee our customers 100% quality of products and installation works.

Cable barrier fences are a reliable barrier, their retention capacity reaches 300 kJ. Metal cables are processed using a special technology that protects the products from the aggressive influence of the external environment. The guard is a rack with metal cables. The static load for tearing cables is 190 kN, the preliminary tension of the products is 155 kN. Such structures are very strong, which is why they are increasingly used in equipping roads.

Advantages of wire cables:

- withstand severe mechanical stress, reduce the impact of road accident;

- do not break even with powerful strikes, can only deform the racks;

- do not require any special maintenance;

- when the position of the road strips changes, the structure can be moved and re-assembled;

- installation does not take much time;

- when the rack is deformed easily replaced;

- The fencing elements do not take up much space when delivering and storing products.


 Installation of wire cables should be carried out by experienced masters, as the technical performance of the structures depends on the quality of the work. In the company PIK enterprise, LLC you can buy cable road fencing, the installation of which will be carried out by a team of qualified masters. We guarantee delivery and installation works on time. The final result of our work will be an ideally installed design without any defects and shortcomings. You can leave a request by phone or using the feedback form on the website. The specialists will contact you in the near future, will consult on all the issues that interest you.

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