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Frame brandLength, mHeight, mNumber of segments, NWeight, t In the order Picture
РМГ016.36.0531.058 add РМГ01
РМГ026.36.0531.328 add
РМГ034.56.0520.582 add
РМГ044.56.0520.715 add
РМП0115.756.692.566 add РМП01
РМП0215.756.692.94 add
РМП0317.56.6101.9 add
РМП0417.56.6102.693 add
РМП0517.55.95101.837 add
РМП0617.55.95102.362 add
РМП0719.256.6113.081 add
РМП0819.256.6113.501 add
РМП09216.6122.305 add
РМП10216.6123.218 add
РМП11215.95122.031 add
РМП12215.95122.886 add
РМП1322.756.6133.373 add
РМП1422.756.6134.512 add
РМП1522.756.6132.376 add
РМП1622.756.6133.353 add
РМП1724.55.95142.64 add
РМП1824.55.95143.382 add
РМП1926.256.6153.999 add
РМП2026.256.6155.337 add
РМП21285.95162.984 add
РМП22285.95163.879 add
РМТ016.36.0571.583 add РМТ01
РМТ026.36.0571.953 add
РМТ034.56.0550.884 add
РМТ044.56.0551.154 add

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To contact the personal manager of your project and to get estimates within an hour.

Frame supports are metal structures on which road signs, signs, video cameras, electronic boards are mounted. All these elements are necessary for the organization of traffic. Supports for road signs are used in settlements and on highways. These structures must be strong and stable, they must ensure reliable fixation of equipment. Frame supports are standard sizes or can be made according to the individual project of the customer.

Supports for road signs are produced by GOST and in compliance with the specifications. Standard products are made from a pipe with a diameter of 57 or 76 mm. The structures are covered with anti-corrosive compounds or treated by cold or hot-dip galvanizing. Protective coating prevents the oxidation of metal - the products do not lose their original appearance for many years. There are also temporary frame supports that can be moved to any other location if necessary. These structures are most often used during the repair of a certain section of the road.

We manufacture several types of poles for signs:

- RMT - products of the T-shaped form which are established on a dividing strip or at a roadside (on a pedestrian zone). Usually they are mounted road signs, information boards and traffic lights.

- RMG - L-shaped designs designed for fixing signs or road signs. They are installed on the roadside, they often serve to post information signs (signs "pedestrian crossing", "trolleybus stop", etc.).

- RMP - products of the U-shaped form, installed above the carriageway from one end of the road to the other. Support RMP is designed to place on it pointers, lighting sources, video recorders, road signs.

PIK Enterprise, LLC is engaged in the production of frame supports, their implementation and installation. We offer our customers high quality products, made in strict accordance with government standards. In our company you can buy frame supports at the market price. If necessary, we provide a deferred payment for 15-20 days. You can leave a request on the site or call +78312621441. Managers will answer all your questions and orient on the cost of the order. Our specialists provide information within an hour.

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