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Pedestrian fences are one of the most important elements of streets and roads, as they are responsible for the safety of pedestrians, direct the flow of people to places where it is safe to cross the street, prevent the intersection of highways in hazardous areas. These fences differentiate pedestrian areas and the roadway, they help protect lawns from vehicle arrival. The products are easily mounted, and if necessary, the individual elements of the enclosure can be replaced with new ones.

The installation of pedestrian fences helps to solve several problems. First of all, these structures separate the movement of pedestrians and cyclists from traffic. The second task of pedestrian fences is to warn vehicles to leave the sidewalks. These elements, necessary for ensuring safe movement, are divided into retaining and limiting constructions.
Retaining fences provide a safe passage through highways, they are necessary to prevent a person from falling from bridges and high embankments. Restrictive structures prevent the pedestrian from leaving the roadway if he has a desire to cross the road in the wrong place.

Pedestrian fences are made from a profile square or pipe, after which they are galvanized. The method of hot galvanizing protects metal structures from corrosion for many years.

Pedestrian fences can be of different shapes - the perimeter type, with cross-shaped filling of sections, with a lattice, with vertical elements, with decorative patterns. These elements perform a protective function, as well as decorate the footpaths, embankments and other elements of the road infrastructure.

In the company LLC Enterprise "PIC" you can buy pedestrian fences at a market price. We offer our customers own products, which are manufactured in accordance with the wishes of the customer, as well as according to the technical specifications of the engineering project. The products meet the state quality standards, is reliable and durable, has served for many years. Our assembly brigades install pedestrian fences in the agreed time. Leave an application on the site or call us on the phone. Managers quickly calculate the cost of ordering, delivery and installation of products. We guarantee our customers the absence of any unforeseen expenses.

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