Опоры Г-образные под технические средства организации дорожного движения

L-shaped supports

STO 10690827-008-2016

Support characteristics:

Height of supports (at the point of fastening of the sign / traffic light):6.0-7.2 m;

Vertical load (attachments):up to 30 kg;

Windward equipment area: no more than 1.6 sq.m.

L-shaped support

Wind region * Type of support Diameter Radius Image
I/II OMG-6,0-4,5(159) 159 4,5 Г-образная опора
OMG-6,0-4,5(159) 159 6,0
III OMG-6,0-4,5(159) 159 4,5
OMG-6,0-6,0(219) 219 6,0

L-shaped support ( girder )

Wind region* Type of support Diameter Radius Image
I/II OMF-7,2-4,6(219) 219 4,5 Г-образная опора
OMF-7,2-6,1(219) 219 6,0
OMF-7,2-8,1(219) 219 8,0
III OMF-7,2-4,6(219) 219 4,5
OMF-7,2-6,1(219) 219 6,0
OMF-7,2-8,1(273) 273 8,0
IV OMF-7,2-4,6(219) 219 4,5
OMF-7,2-6,1(273) 273 6,0
OMF-7,2-8,1(273) 273 8,0

* II-IV (0,17-0,48 kPa) wind region according to SP 20.13330.2011.

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Application area

Organization standard STO 10690827-008-2016 applies to supports for the installation of technical means for organizing traffic intended for use on urban and non-urban roads, public bridge structures.

The organization’s standard is developed in accordance with the requirements of the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union TP TS 014/2011 “Road Safety” and the following standards that ensure compliance with these:

  • GOST R 52289 "Technical means of traffic management. Rules for the use of road signs, markings, traffic lights, road fences and guides ";
  • GOST 32948 “General automobile roads. Supports of road signs. Technical requirements";
  • GOST 32950 “General automobile roads. Metal Supports of road signs. Methods of control.

This standard applies the construction of road sign racks according to the model series 3.503.9-80 Issue I “Supports for road signs installed at the edge of the subgrade”.

Supports are intended for installation on roads and further placement of technical means for organizing traffic on them, such as road signs, small traffic lights (T7), lamps or other equipment not exceeding the calculated load. Supports manufactured by this standard are used on roads of all categories, on sections of all groups of road conditions in accordance with GOST R 52289.

Symbols of support brand and structural elements

Conventions used in this standard

H is the height of support, m;

L is the radius of the console relative to the axis of the base of the support, m;

h is the height of the base of the support (depth of embedment into the ground), m.

Designations of the support type

The symbol of the supports consists of alphanumeric groups separated by hyphens, the order and values of which correspond to GOST 32948.

Name of supports

O - support.

Material of supports:

M - metal.

Type of support:

Ф - Ф-shaped support;

Г - L-shaped support.

The manufacture of the bearing part of the support

159 - made from 159 mm diameter pipe;

219 - made from 219 mm diameter pipe;

273 - made from 273 mm diameter pipe.

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