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One of the priorities of the company’s work is delivery of safety devices (barriers, cables, pedestrian) and bents. There are eight construction and installation units and twelve technology devices to get the products. The equipment of mobile units together with the decades of experience make possible to mount more than 50 kilometers of different fencing types per month. Installation work is made with requirements of GOST Р 52289 and СП 78.13330.2012. The results of making installation work have been tightly controlled with the company’s mobile laboratory. It eliminates the emergence of flaw throughout the warranty period. The laboratory was certified with JSC "RusEC". It was complied with the basic requirements of ISO/IEC 17025-2009. Certificate No. il-LRI-0234.
We guarantee individual approach to each our partner, including on the drafting of the design-budget documentation in accordance with the existing regulatory framework for each region of the Russian Federation. Installation’s geography and the results are the pride of our company.

PIK Enterprise, LLC fabricates followings:
- Installation of pavement and road barriers;
- Installation of wire cables;
- Installation of pedestrian fences;
- Installation reinforced concrete parapet structures;
- Repair of the damaged section;
- Installation of road signs;
- Installation of bents.

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Technology allows making of drilling of rocks.

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Quality work control.

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Our workers are equipped with modern tools.

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Making work at lower temperatures.

Guaranteed completion within the time limits or the money for installation will be retuned

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To contact the personal manager of your
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Свердловская обл.

  • Дорога М-1 «Беларусь» 100 км - барьерное
  • г. Карпинск 50 км - барьерное, тросовое
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